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Tired of wearing turtlenecks or scarves to hide a sagging neckline or double chin?

If you’re tired of wearing turtlenecks or scarves to hide a sagging neckline or double chin, Dr. Jerry Darm, can help! The Aesthetic Medicine doctor stopped by with his happy patient, Tracy, to tell us more about LipoLift.


Results may vary. Images are of actual clinic patient. 3 months post ops.

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LipoLift is the trademarked name of Dr. Darm’s signature laser-assisted liposuction procedure (laser lipolysis) that removes fat from the body. This minimally invasive surgical procedure is a popular body sculpting solution that “melts” fat with less pain, less downtime, and consistently favorable results.

This procedure utilizes a laser device to gently melt the fat and then a mechanical vacuum device to suction out the fat. This technique has less downtime, faster recovery, and with the heat of the laser adds skin tightening to all the areas treated. A local infiltration with lidocaine anesthesia can be used to numb the area treated while the patient is awake. To relax the patient a light oral sedative is optional and is used in many cases. Many manufacturers have marketed these lasers to the public including SmartLipo, SlimLipo, LipoLite, and TickleLipo to name a few. The device that we use is the SlimLipo by Palomar which we believe to be a superior device given our experience. The puncture wounds are very small, about the size of a cocktail straw, without requiring suturing and usually heal without significant scarring. The procedure is quick, comfortable and very effective at eliminating unwanted subcutaneous fat. Normally only one day is required to recover. A compression garment is then worn for 3 weeks to maximize results.

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